At the​ bed, we have been in the mattress business for over 25 years.
Designing the prefect nights sleep is the focus of are company. 
Understanding that the industry is always changing, as our bodies also change,
keeps our company motivated to make the best nights sleep.

 The Envy Relaxor 
  1. Luma Gel
    Luma Gel is the ultimate in cooling material. The cooling gel dissipates body heat and pulls it away from the sleeper. Pressure releaving medically approved gel. The Relaxor has six inches of Luma Gel making for a great nights sleep.
  2. Quad-Pocketed Coils
    Quad-Pocketed Coils conform to the full body. It helps cut out pressure points yet allows you to move comfortably. The Relaxor is the ultimate hybrid mattress.
  3. Outlast
    Outlast is the outter cover of The Relaxor sleep system. Giving you the optimal comfort.
  4. Massage Unit
    The Relaxor has a five zone massage technology built inside the mattress. Also includes five different forms of massage options.
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